Portrait of Napoleon in his forties, in high-ranking white and dark blue military dress uniform. In the original image He stands amid rich 18th-century furniture laden with papers, and gazes at the viewer. His hair is Brutus style, cropped close but with a short fringe in front, and his right hand is tucked in his waistcoat.
Emperor of the French
18 May 1804 – 11 April 1814
Coronation 2 December 1804
دماتریٛا Position created
Napoleon was previously First Consul of the French Republic (1799–1804)
نوئاتریٛا Position abolished
Louis XVIII (Bourbon Restoration)
20 March 1815 – 22 June 1815
نوئا د Position re-created
دما د Position abolished
Louis XVIII (Bourbon Restoration)
King of Italy
17 March 1805 – 11 April 1814
تاج نیائن 26 May 1805
دماتریٛا Charles V (King in 1556)
Napoleon was previously President of the Italian Republic (1802–1805)
نوئاتریٛا Victor Emmanuel II (King in 1861)
Protector of the Confederation of the Rhine
6 August 1806 –
4 November 1813
دماتریٛا Francis II (Held equivalent post as Holy Roman Emperor)
نوئاتریٛا Francis I (Came on to hold equivalent post as President of the German Confederation)
ڤ دیر اومایٱ د 1769
Ajaccio, Corsica, France
د دۏنیا رٱتٱ د 1821
Longwood, Saint Helena
قۉر Les Invalides, Paris, France
هومسر Joséphine de Beauharnais
Marie Louise of Austria
بٱچٱیا Napoleon II
Full name
Napoleon Bonaparte
کاخ Bonaparte
بوئٱ Carlo Buonaparte
دا Letizia Ramolino
مٱزهٱب Roman Catholicism[۱] – (see Religions section)



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